Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing Wednesday Myth Comparison

Here's my assignment from writing Wednesday! 

Greek Mythology in the time period of ancient Greece was more essential to there everyday lives whereas now it is more of a form of entertainment for us. Mythology started as the reason for things that happened. Instead of science and research people had myths.
            Mythology was the answers to all of the ancient Greece people’s unknown answers. If they did have a reason for something they turned to mythology. Myths started as just word of mouth and overtime they began to get written down. Today, however, we have real answers to our unknown problems. Through the use of technology and resources we find out the answers to our questions. For example when a natural disaster such as a drought happens the people of ancient Greece would have a myth about why the happened and about what god/goddess was mad at them or at other gods/goddesses. Where as today we have research and we know the water cycle and things like evaporation etc.
            Mythology today is mainly a form of entertainment. There are many books with many different myths in them. In ancient times mythology was important to every part of their lives and in every literature you see mythology present. In todays times we read them for entertainment. They are like stories about gods and goddesses. A cool thing that I like about mythology is the fact that everybody is connected. They have a family tree that is really amazing if you’re able to map it out.
            In conclusion, mythology plays a total different role now then it used to. It is not an essential part of our lives, which it once was. I credit this to science, research, and technology. Nowadays we can find out anything we want to know through the Internet and we have scientists that find out the big stuff. 
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