Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Writing Wednesday

The Odyssey book I and II: 
From the point of vies of Zeus

I am Zeus and I am the all-powerful God! I am leader f all and am always watching. I sit up here in my sky and look down on all the people and their actions. One human that has been particularly interested in is Telemachus. Telemachus doesn’t have a father or at least he doesn’t think so. Little does he know his father just hasn’t returned….
            You see, it is about 10 years after the Trojan War and all soldiers have returned. All but one that is. Odysseus has yet to return. Odysseus is Telemachus’s father who many people figured just died. But me being who I am has to intervene and make thinks okay. SO here’s what I did… I told Athena to go and tell Telemachus to start looking for his father and to guide him in the right direction. Athena being the smart beautiful woman she is was sure to find a clever way to do so. She dressed up as Mentes (Odysseus’s friend) she goes and tells Telemachus to make a journey to Pylos and Sparta to start his search for his father because she feels as though he is still living and has yet to return to Ithica. After calling together all the silly suitors, who want to take over the kingdom by marrying Odysseus’s wife, and banishes them from his father’s estate. I wonder if he will take this advice. Meanwhile there is heart broken Penelope in the corner sobbing because her husband never returned. Doesn’t she know there were many men who didn’t return? Women… who understands them?
            The next day Telemachus follows through with his plans and holds the assembly. At the assembly Telemachus took charge kind of like I do with all the gods! He discussed the cities problems and before the day was over he was on his way. He did the smart thing by not letting his mother find out so she wouldn’t be more upset.
            Well its time for my to go to sleep. A powerful god like me needs his rest. I have a big day tomorrow containing a meeting with all the gods… sometimes they just don’t understand that I am in charge. I wonder if Telemachus will succeed in finding his father…. I guess I’ll see!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Writing Wednesday Made up story with common elements

Once upon a time there was a princess trapped on big farm. The princess’s name was Jessica and ever since she can remember she had been trapped on this farm on the outskirts of Fayetteville. When Jessica fell in love with a rich city boy. Her father forbids the two from getting married. He felt he was not fit for her daughter. Princess Jessica was very upset and never acted the same towards her father. She was heart broken and blamed it on him. Since she hated her father so much and was not nice anymore he cast a spell on her. He put  her on the farm until her true love came and kissed her. In his eyes her true love was a down to earth country boy.  Princess Jessica could not escape from the farm since there was a giant tractor guarding the gate. John Deere, the tractor, was very nice to Princess Jessica but he was also afraid of her father therefore he made sure Princess Jessica did not escape from the farm. One of Jessica’s favorite things to do was to ride her horse Penny. Penny was Jessica’s best friend. Whenever Jessica was sad Penny cheered her up. One day she was out riding Penny when she noticed a house being built near her farm. This excited Jessica since she never had much company.  Three long months later the house next door was finished.  One day she was outside feeding the cows when she saw someone coming from the distance. As he got closer she realized she didn’t know whom this was. The young gentlemen rode up to her on his horse and introduced himself as Lucas, the neighbor nest door. Jessica and Lucas talked for a while and Lucas wondered why she lived here all by herself. She explained about her previous engagement with the city boy and her fathers views on that. She also explained how a spell was put on her where she was asleep until the perfect country farm boy kissed her, which then she would awake. She went on to explain about John and how he did broke the spell on accident one day. While Johnny was mowing the acres of land on the farm one day all the goats were in the way. He honked his horn real loud, which successfully moved the goats, but it also awoke the princess. The obnoxious loud noise of the horn awoke the princess. Although Princess Jessica had been awaken she still could not escape for Johnny wouldn’t let her… strict father’s orders. The perfect farm boy had to come rescue her.  Lucas and Jessica went inside and had a nice glass of sweet tea before returning to their daily routines. They sat and talked about Lucas’s past. She learned he came from a farm out in Tennessee. For a short while he started an egg business in his small Tennessee town of Crowly Medows. From this business he made enough money to buy all the land in Fayetteville and start his life.  They sat and talked and talked until suddenly they realized 3 hours had gone by and neither of them was done with their duties for the day. Lucas quickly rode off to his house and they went about their business. The next day Lucas didn’t have much to do since right now he only a few cows and horses on his farm. He came over to Princess Jessica’s again but she however had a lot of business to tend to. Lucas did not want to spend the day alone and since he knew no one else he offered to help Princess Jessica. The Princess was very gracious for she had never had help before. They cleaned the barn, fed the cows, goats, and horses, groomed penny and gave her a bath, and all the other duties for that day. They even topped the day off with cleaning the house. At the end of the day they were exhausted. Lucas claimed he knew how to cook and to prove it to Princess Jessica he prepared a homemade meal for her that night. They sat down to eat it and it was the best meal she had ever had. The sweet tea was very refreshing after a long days work and the food was very filling. Her favorite was definitely the homemade mashed potatoes. At the end of the night they talked some more and eventually they kissed. Just then Johnny honked his horn real loud and scared them half to death. He announced the spell had been broken. Princess Jessica was free and had found her true love… the perfect country boy.  They ended the night playing stinky foot happily ever after.  
~Forever Young~                                    

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Archetype writing Wednesday

An archetype is a universally recognized symbol. An archetype is something that every country, religion, culture, and society recognizes as the same thing. In other worlds all around the world people would know what this specific think is. An example of this would be a wizard. All people know wizards as someone with a pointy hat and a beard.  An archetype is also something we see present in many stories across the planet. Not necessarily one thing but a type of character.
A very common archetype that we see a lot in stories is a villain. As defined by Google a villain is “A person guilty or capable of a crime or wickedness.” In other words, a villain is someone in a story that is bad or evil. A common story that most people know is The Three Little Pigs. In this story there is a villain…the big bad wolf.  
This archetype represents the evil in the story. They are responsible for being the bad person or the person we are supposed to hate in the story.  Along with the villain comes another archetype. This would be the hero. Just as the villain does something bad or evil in the story the hero comes through at the end of the day and saves everything the villain messed up. The villain and the hero are two archetypes that go hand and hand.
Without the big bad wolf in the Three Little Pigs it would be a very boring story. The wolf is the creator of the commotion in the story. Without the wolf the entire story would be about three little pigs living in three little houses. The villain is universally recognized as someone who causes commotion in the story. The Three Little Pigs is a prime example of this because the wolf is definitely the person we don’t like in the story. Who likes a wolf interrupting three innocent pigs’ happiness?
~forever young~