Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Writing Wednesday

The Odyssey book I and II: 
From the point of vies of Zeus

I am Zeus and I am the all-powerful God! I am leader f all and am always watching. I sit up here in my sky and look down on all the people and their actions. One human that has been particularly interested in is Telemachus. Telemachus doesn’t have a father or at least he doesn’t think so. Little does he know his father just hasn’t returned….
            You see, it is about 10 years after the Trojan War and all soldiers have returned. All but one that is. Odysseus has yet to return. Odysseus is Telemachus’s father who many people figured just died. But me being who I am has to intervene and make thinks okay. SO here’s what I did… I told Athena to go and tell Telemachus to start looking for his father and to guide him in the right direction. Athena being the smart beautiful woman she is was sure to find a clever way to do so. She dressed up as Mentes (Odysseus’s friend) she goes and tells Telemachus to make a journey to Pylos and Sparta to start his search for his father because she feels as though he is still living and has yet to return to Ithica. After calling together all the silly suitors, who want to take over the kingdom by marrying Odysseus’s wife, and banishes them from his father’s estate. I wonder if he will take this advice. Meanwhile there is heart broken Penelope in the corner sobbing because her husband never returned. Doesn’t she know there were many men who didn’t return? Women… who understands them?
            The next day Telemachus follows through with his plans and holds the assembly. At the assembly Telemachus took charge kind of like I do with all the gods! He discussed the cities problems and before the day was over he was on his way. He did the smart thing by not letting his mother find out so she wouldn’t be more upset.
            Well its time for my to go to sleep. A powerful god like me needs his rest. I have a big day tomorrow containing a meeting with all the gods… sometimes they just don’t understand that I am in charge. I wonder if Telemachus will succeed in finding his father…. I guess I’ll see!

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